Hey, I haven't posted in awhile and i'm sorry about that. There hasn't been any reviews in awhile. I know I said that I'd start grinding out reviews and I in fact finished my Solo Review a couple days after. The problem is it felt really uninspired and lazy. It didn't have that excitement that... Continue Reading →


Weekly Preview #5

Hello! It seems to be that time of the week again and yet again, unfortunately, no new posts. I'm sorry :(. I swear I'm usually more active but I've been SUPER busy. Like I mentioned earlier I will start really grinding out these reviews. AS a matter of fact, I've been practically at a standstill... Continue Reading →

Weekly Preview

Hey guys, it's that time of the week again. I'm really sorry there will be no review coming out this week :-(. There also probably won't be a review the week after that but after that, I'll be really churning them out. Since there are no reviews I'm going to throw in some reviews that... Continue Reading →

Weekly Preview

Hey guys, I've been super busy this week and I think I'll be super busy again next week. Unfortunately, I definitely won't be able to get a Solo review out anytime soon. I'm still working on it though it's just hard to find time to write at the moment. So nothing planned for awhile. Sorry... Continue Reading →

Weekly Preview

It looks like I'm a little late for this week, I have been working really hard on my Royal Tenebaums review though and have got it published almost week early which is good. For this week I don't really know what my schedule is like but I think I might do another Quick Review on... Continue Reading →

Weekly Preview?

So last week I posted a a preview as for whats to come and what I'm currently working and what you can plan to see coming out soon and I was thinking why not make this a weekly or bi-weekly preview and just fill you guys in every once in awhile. It takes me quite... Continue Reading →

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Hey guys, this is my first ever movie review!! So if there's any tips/feedback that you have, be sure to contact either by email or using the contact page on my blog, it would be greatly appreciated!!  This is one of two Infinity reviews I plan on doing, this review will be spoiler free and... Continue Reading →

First Post Coming Soon?!

Hey guys,  I've been working on an Avengers: Infinity War review and it will be out shortly. I'm hoping that I can bring it out by Monday but if not it will definitely be out by Wednesday. After that, I was thinking about writing a Royal Tenenbaums review but I'm not 100%  sure. If I... Continue Reading →

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